Freda Surgenor

Freda Surgenor

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    Freda Surgenor FRAS
    Freda was born in Harrow England and studied art, and later, graphic design and illustration at Bourneville School of Art, Birmingham, United Kingdom.
    She worked in London as a graphic designer in publishing as well as illustrating two children’s books and teaching art for several years.
    Since coming to Australia in 1982 Freda has established herself through solo exhibitions and group shows as a highly respected painter. In 1990 her painting “Backyard” was selected for exhibition in the Herald Heritage Award and in 1991 two paintings “Backyard” and “Backyard Pool” toured Australia in the prestigious National Exhibition - Portrait of Australia. In 1994 “Dockscape” was selected and hung in the Salon de Refuses at the S H Ervin Gallery.
    Freda's painting "Sweet Indulgence" was included as a finalist in Australian Artist's new magazine Water Colour Annual '97. Subsequently, Freda was featured as a master painter in both the Water Colour Annual ’98 and the January and October 1999 issues of the International Artist Magazine, and over the years, regular articles of her work have appeared in Australian Artist Magazine.
    In October 2003, Freda was accepted as an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of NSW and has showed her work in all their exhibitions since then.
    In 2009, Freda was elevated to “Fellow”
    A multi award winning artist, including the Mosman Art Prize and awards at the Royal Easter Show, including a first prize in the Marine Section in 2000, plus a “Best in Show” at the Art of Sydney Awards in 2005 and 2011.she was approached by the print distributors “Art Throughout Australia” with a view to reproducing her work. There are now several of her reproductions in circulation.
    In 2015 Oatley 101 Society of Artists nominated Freda for the David Coleman (Federal MP Banks) Volunteer of the Year Award for her continued service to the Society. In 2018, the Society also gave her Life Membership and their own “Continuous Service Award”
    Freda, who has always been interested in people, both at work and play, demonstrates a high level of excellence using vibrant colours to depict a great variety of subjects from landscapes through waterscapes, cityscapes, still-life, floral, portraiture, life painting and miniatures.
    Freda is totally dedicated to her work - when she’s not painting she is thinking about it. She feels that good draughtsmanship is a basis for successful painting and never stops drawing. She works in fine detail using strong colour to create pieces, which glow with life and light. This results in highly successful warm paintings, which demonstrate her ability to capture and recreate the images realistically. The number of her works, which are highly sought after by collectors both in Australia and overseas, reflects this.

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    The Red Bucket
    30 x 40 cm Acrylic Stretched Canvas Sold
  • Freda Surgenor

    Bright Moorings
    Acrylic $2,950.00
  • Freda Surgenor

    Bell Gorge
    103 x 52 cm Acrylic $3,500.00